Universal Instruments by 4TechUSA.com
Universal Instruments by 4TechUSA.com
17170 Burgess Road, Detroit, Michigan USA 48219
Full Service Builder & Supplier of Circuit Assembly Equipment
Printers, reflow ovens, X-ray, selective solder, dispensing, curing, conveyors & more...
Largest Universal dealer stock in North America.
The best warranty in the industry.
Professional & certified field service engineers.
Production equipment for every budget.
Complete remanufacturing of equipment.
Full service even if you did not purchase from us.
15000+ OEM spare parts & largest obsolete stock.
Upgrade kits/parts, feeders, accessories & supplies.
30 years design, process and manufacturing engineering staff.
We buy equipment! Spare parts to a complete factory.
Phone: (313) 532-9400 | 24/7 Support: (248) 444-4714
Samples of Universal Instruments DIP insertion machine remanufacturing process
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