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Founded in 2004 by Dan Trinka, 4Tech Electronics is the world's fastest growing supplier of high quality circuit assembly equipment. We pride ourselves on providing the right equipment for every need and budget. To that end, we stock a broad selection of equipment in new, used, rebuilt and completely remanufactured condition.

Our growth has been made possible by combining Dan Trinka's 30 years of expertise and contribution to the industry with a unique business model. We don't market our company in the traditional sense: We don't employ a sales staff, we don't have a Web site and we don't even print a business card. Instead, we rely on a reputation built through integrity, quality, competitive pricing and superior product knowledge. Five years later we have a website.
What sets 4Tech apart from the competition? A systemic attention to detail, industry leading equipment and process knowledge, relentless product improvement development and unparalleled testing and qualification strategies.

Z-Systems. our propriety quality system, embodies these qualities-and is at the heart of all of our operations. Z-Systems is a unique hybrid system that is the product of more than 25 years of military, aerospace, medical, Hi-Rel and mission-critical manufacturing systems engineering. With Z-System, every step is taken to guarantee our equipment outperforms all others in productivity, reliability, flexibility, value and usable life cycle-and you will not find another supplier that provides service at this level.

What's more, we back up our products with the best warranty available-while boasting one of the lowest, if not
the lowest, warranty expense liabilities in the industry. With very few exceptions, our service work is performed on equipment purchased elsewhere.

Our staff of field service engineers brings decades of hands-on experience to the job. Over the years, they have provided real-time solutions to the world's leading companies-and that experience, coupled with their unparalleled equipment expertise, has made them some of the most process-savvy engineers in the field.
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Through the years, our industry has lacked the sort of "one-stop shop" that is able to support all aspects of the equipment/process equation effectively. From specially developed custom equipment to fully automated and integrated assembly facilities, 4Tech fills that void by establishing a true "turnkey" single source capability.

For example: In working with our customers, we have developed breakthrough manufacturing processes that previously did not exist. These innovations have been followed by additional orders to replicate, most of which were a "no quote" by leading equipment OEM'S. In addition, we have a 100 percent satisfaction rate installing complete turnkey assembly automation solutions in operations that had no prior assembly experience.

Training is yet another example of breadth and depth of 4Tech capabilities. Our lead instructor spent many years providing global training for Universal Instruments field engineers. In some cases, training was facilitated for entire regional offices in both through hole and surface mount equipment and process technology. Subsequently, he provided the framework and requirements to launch Universal's outstanding field engineer certification program. From one on one training, to classes for an entire operation, you can expect 4Tech to deliver clear and measurable superior performance.

At 4Tech, we believe the proof is in performance, not marketing hype. Compare us with the competition, and you'll find that we deliver top-level quality at used equipment prices.
What Sets 4Tech Apart?
Turnkey Capability from a Single Source